Tips for Successful Aging in Place

As you grow older, you may decide that you want to stay in the home you love as long as possible. In order to make this a realistic goal, you need to have a solid plan for aging in place. Start with this checklist to have more control over your future.

1. Upgrade Home

Your physical needs change as you get older, and your home can be altered to accommodate these changes. It’s never too early to start making home modifications that will make getting around the house easier as you age. Grab bars in the bathrooms, slip-resistant flooring throughout the house and exterior ramps are all sensible additions. You may even consider making some smart home updates that allow you to heighten security or call for medical assistance more easily.

2. Research Assistance

Many older people benefit from in home care services Floral Park NY. As your mobility decreases, you may need help with activities of daily living. If your health declines, you may need frequent home health aide visits or live-in nursing care. The more potential scenarios you plan for, the more likely you are to be able to remain in your home as long as possible. 

3. Review Budget

As with any major change, you want to make sure that you are financially secure enough to handle the decisions you make. Before you retire, make sure you take your aging in place plans into consideration when choosing how much to save. Look for insurance plans that cover the assistance you may someday need. Look for ways to reduce living expenses so that you can ensure you have enough money to remain in your home if that’s what you decide you want to do.

Aging in place is an attractive option for many people as they get older, and it’s probably within your reach, too. All you need to make it happen is the proper planning.

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