Things To Consider When Creating Your Company’s Logo

One of the first things that people consider when starting a new business is their logo. This is definitely important, as your logo is what your potential customers first see when learning about your business. It has to do a lot for you in a short period of time. Here are some things to consider when working with a designer to determine your company’s logo and branding.


Your logo needs to match the tone and personality of your business. A Wall Street financial firm needs a logo that indicates authority and trustworthiness. A children’s toy store, however, should aim for a logo that looks fun and whimsical. The psychology of color can play a big role in the personality your logo presents. Font and image choice are also key pieces to consider.


When you’re looking at logo designs on a computer screen, keep in mind that your logo has to do much more work than exist in the top corner of your website. Make sure that your designer is taking scalability into account during the design process. You want a logo that will look great at all sizes when printed on vinyl graphics Salem OR to be used on tee shirts, storefront signage, and more.


When you see logos of major companies, you typically know what company they represent, even if the company’s name is not part of the logo. These businesses have branded themselves in instantly recognizable ways. Your business may not be as large as these, but differentiating your logo from those of others in your industry is smart. When customers see a familiar logo, there’s an immediate base level of trust put in place.

Working with an experienced brand designer is the best way to develop a logo for your company that sends your customers and potential customers the message you want to send. Keep in mind all the ways you might use your logo as you make branding decisions.

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