3 Things to Include on Business Signs

Window signage New York NY is an essential component of any business. Signs will provide information to potential customers whether your location is open or closed, and they can have a significant impact on the way people interact with you. To ensure the best possible experience for customers, consider including the following pieces of information on your business signs.

Clearly Marked Name

There should be no question about what place people are visiting when they come across your business location. While some businesses (such as warehouses or offices) may not need very prominent signs, it should be easy for any customers or visitors to find you. You might consider placing signs in several locations, such as above your doorway, on the business door and possibly on a free-standing A-frame sign nearby. Be mindful of local regulations when choosing a spot for your signs.

Business Hours

Be sure to post your business hours in a prominent location on your storefront, such as on the door or in a nearby window. If customers visit during closed hours, they will easily know when to return. Consider adding special notes such as which holidays your location will be closed for. You might also post phone numbers, a website address or social media account names on the storefront so customers can get in touch or find information outside of business hours.

Open Sign

To be extra clear on whether or not your location is open for business at a particular time, consider using an open/closed sign. An illuminated sign will make it easy for customers to see this information in dim lighting, but a simple manual open/closed sign may be appropriate for smaller businesses.

Business signs help customers locate your business and collect other important information about your location. By helping them get oriented and find out what they need to know, customers and visitors can have a better experience with your business.

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