Just like website contents require regular updates, an e-commerce website needs to be updated to the correct standards. Website upgrade is an essential task which should be fulfilled to allow for the best customer experience. Updates are an essential part of running an e-commerce platform as they help reduce the expenses which could be associated with repair or design of a new website when the website totally breaks down.

The only risk you should avoid every time is the risk of doing nothing. If a company overlooks the cost of maintenance of an e-commerce platform, woe unto them.

Maintenance and upgrade ensure security of the website as well as fixing all the technical issues and bugs of the website.

Magento 2 Upgrade.

ioVista Commerce provides for the upgrade from the old versions to Magento 1.9 or Magento 2.0 which are the recent versions. These versions are stable compared to the older ones. A site upgrade provides for an increase in the business productivity thus improving the conversion rates of the business.

In order to consider an upgrade to the Magento new versions, you should have noticed several features of the website not running well. This includes:

  1. Time wastage during report preparation.

An old and obsolete website will probably have issues with slow processing. If this is noticed, an upgrade should be considered.

  1. There is no smooth operation of Logistics, Inventory and other functions of the website.

When the functionality of the e-commerce platform is not to the required level, the management ought to consider for a new upgrade with the latest Magento versions which are much stable.

  1. Low page Speeds

Very slow speeds are a turn off to the customers and this is attributed to poor functionality of a website. An upgrade is, therefore, the ultimate solution to this.

  1. Need to grow the business

A well-functioning website provides the best customer experience thus attracting more traffic and leads to the website. This leads to the substantial growth of the business.

At ioVista Commerce, the well-seasoned developers with a high-level expertise in managing and maintaining all e-commerce projects ensure that:

  • Website content remains safe and secure.
  • Performance upgrades are done to the websites.
  • Platform fixes are carried out.

Magento Platform Migration

ioVista Commerce provides for the migration of websites from other platforms without the loss of data relevant to the business.

Change is as good as a rest. Isn’t it? Yes, it is. For a company to prosper in its online business, it should embrace change and this change is brought about by the system upgrades.

In order to do a successful e-commerce migration, a company should go for the best company to provide quality migration services. These services include:

  • Customer data migration
  • Product data migration
  • Design transfer
  • UX transfer

Needs considered during migration of an e-commerce platform.

  1. Migration of data– This includes product data, history, URLs, promotion and reward points and the content pages.
  2. Customized design transfer – the new code is developed to support the existing design and improvements on the website are done.
  3. Extensions and the existing code are transferred.
  4. Functionality transfer based on customer needs.