Virtual Home Tours for Real Estate Marketing: Benefits and Best Practices

Gone are the days of advertising real estate in print on the classifieds section of the newspaper. At the time period when this was the fashion, you would have had to first find a good listing in the paper, follow it up with a phone call inquiry, and then arrange to meet in-person. With the advances in technology, you can now market real estate online. The best real estate agent sin the field who are up to date with the technology create virtual home tours for properties that are on sale. This saves time for buyers and sellers.


While this is the most obvious benefit of creating a real estate virtual tour, there are a few more listed below:

  1. Virtual tours are easy to share online: it is very easy to share a virtual home tour with just a click whether it is on a blog, social media sites or databases that have listings. Good virtual tour applications usually provide HTML codes that make it simple to post the tour to online databases such as Craigslist
  2. Fun and easy: several real estate marketing tools that are available are extremely practical and boring to use in addition to involving hard work and lots of time. Virtual tools however are great fun to make and easy to as well! Contrary to what you may think, you don’t need a video camera. All you will need to do is fill out details about your property, upload a few photographs, and then simply select your animation and music
  3. Describe a property’s personality: a virtual tool like any real estate listing will provide basic information to customers including- the number of neighbourhood, the amenities available, the neighbourhood, nearby schools, etc. In addition to this information, virtual tools also appeal to the ‘gut feeling’ of the buyer. Experts in the field will tell you how intuition, emotional reactions, and gut instincts play a very important role in the buying process of the customer
  4. Forward- thinking real estate marketing: a few years ago, tech expert company Cisco predicted that videos would comprise of at least 80% of internet traffic by the year 2015. It is clear that that prediction has probably come true today with videos available on anything and everything. Creating virtual tours for houses will put you in a better position to deal with today’s technology as well real estate marketing trends
  5. Increased volume of high quality inquiries: it has been decided that the better your virtual tour of the house, the higher the number of high quality inquiries you will get. This is simply because no listing can offer the kind of rich, quality information that a virtual tour offers. With this amount of information available, buyers are more likely to pursue the sale of a house.

There are several advantages to using virtual tours for real estate marketing purposes. To make an extremely successful virtual tour, make sure to follow the tips listed below:

  1. Insist on excellent lighting: psychologically, it has been seen that human beings are drawn to light. If your property looks well lit, it will draw more attention and you will receive more inquiries
  2. Choose universally appealing animation and music: while you may have a favourite song, it is not necessary that it will appeal to all audiences. Putting your favourite rock song as the background music could lose you several potential buyers. Make sure to pick a song that has no lyrics and has an upbeat tempo. When it comes to the animations, make sure to keep it sober and attractive, tone down extremely bright or sparkly ones
  3. Share with past clients: referrals are the best form of advertising. If you share a good rapport with your past buyers, make sure to send them links to your newer virtual tours so they can spread the word.