Pastor Chris Oyakhilome – the Leader and the Philosophy Behind the Christ Embassy

Have you ever heard of the Pastor Chris Oyakhilome? He is one of the biggest personalities/celebrities of Africa, and one of the most significant representatives of the Christ Embassy, a religion and embassy also known by the name of “Believers’ LoverWorld,” representing the followers’ belief in hope and spreading love to the others.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is actually the founder and President of the Embassy, and his philosophy behind the creation of his embassy had a lot of love behind it. He wanted to create something that would be able to unite people together and allow them to demonstrate their love for each other and for Christ. The Evangelical Christian religion has its headquarters in Nigeria, but it has expanded during the last couple of years at a high-speed rate, having also settled in other locations of Africa.

The Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is indeed a celebrity, having successfully acquired more than a million followers in all of his social media accounts, many of them being believers, fans of the Pastor, and even friends who consider his work something memorable.

Not only is he a celebrity, he has already won the prize of the biggest and most followed Twitter account in Africa, and the numbers don’t lie, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is famous among every follower of the Christ Embassy, and even those who do not follow his way still have a big sense of respect for his work and vision.

Talking about social media, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome also has his own social network called “Yookos.” From that platform, people can talk to fellow friends and partners from the Embassy with a simple network that was created by the founder himself.

If you are not convinced yet of the importance of the Pastor for the entire African continent, hear this: Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has three television channels, that aired in different seasons and continue to air today: LoveWorld TV, where the Pastor incentivizes positivity, LoveWorld SAT, with a similar concept but different programs, and LoveWorld Plus, which is a premium version of the channel and rewards those who follow the man and have acquired the PLUS version.

With many accomplishments under his belt, it is important to note that every feat that Pastor Chris Oyakhilome achieved to this date were all fruit of an idea and decision that he made while still studying in the University, back when he was at student’s age. He studied in the Ambrose Ali University, where he formed a fellowship that would then become the famous multiregional Embassy that is the Christ Embassy of today.

Currently being the president of the Believers’ LoveWorld Inc. and the Christ Embassy, his name is famous to everyone in the continent, and his reputation as a follower of God and of the right ways is something that his fans and co-believers are very familiar with. The gospel of Jesus Christ would not be the same without the Pastor, and the culture of Africa would be very different without the man. He is not only a Pastor, but a teacher, a scholar, and a philanthropist as well. With best-selling books under his name and television shows that spread positivity, the man is one of the most successful entrepreneurs of the whole world, and it all started with the idea of covering love and uniting people.

His dream has come a long way since its foundation in the University, and Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has already more than thirty years of experience in the field.

Many of the followers of the Christ Embassy believe that the Pastor is as successful because he has many friends and fans that believe in his work and want to see him succeed with his ideas.