Giving Your Customers Sticky Calendars

People are easily swayed by gifts. Even the smallest present can have a positive impact on their impression of the giver, whether that giver is a person or a business. This can be used to help ensure consumers will return to your business next time they require the goods or services you offer. If you’re looking for a small gift to give to your consumers, try custom sticky calendars.


The top of the calendar is completely customizable. You control how everything looks. You can make the top a bright red to stand out. If you have a logo, it can be put on the top of the calendar. The shape can even be changed. Instead of a simple square, you can have a shape that represents your business. The calendar can be made as aesthetically pleasing as you want it to be.


In addition to looking cool, sticky calendars are also very useful. Brochures often go straight in the trash. Some people will put a bumper sticker on the back of their car, but others throw those away just like brochures. Many people do keep business cards, but those are often shoved into the back of their wallet or into a junk drawer. But, everyone needs a calendar. How else would we save the date when there’s an important event coming up? A calendar is a gift that will be used year-round.

Cheap and Easy to Send

Since sticky calendars are small, they’re very easy to send. You can just stick them in the mail and send them right off to your customers. They’re also easy on your wallet. A little sticky calendar is cheap to make compared to some gifts you could send.

Can Go Anywhere

Custom sticky calendars can go anywhere. Regular calendars need to be hung with a nail or a tack, putting a hole in your wall. Magnetic calendars don’t damage your walls, but they can only go on a limited number of surfaces. Sticky calendars can go anywhere. They can be stuck on the wall with no damage. They don’t require a magnetic surface. All you have to do is press the adhesive onto a surface and the calendar will stay.

Everyone appreciates gifts. Receiving a gift from someone leaves a positive impression that can influence people in ways they might not realize. Giving your customers something like custom sticky calendars may create unconscious loyalty and keep them coming back to your business again and again.