5 At-Home Treatments for Frequent Headaches

Frequent headaches can be a constant bother. They can hamper concentration, sleep, exercise, or participation in other activities. If you suffer from frequent headaches, there are a few ways to try to treat the problem at home. Try these 5 ideas before you reach for a bottle of over-the-counter pills.


Headaches are a frequent way your body communicates that something is wrong. Dehydration headaches are common. Try drinking a full glass of water the instant a headache starts, and keep water on-hand everywhere you go for overall wellness.

Turn Your Phone Off

Staring at your smartphone for long periods of time is a common cause of headaches. Your brain can become tired from all the stimuli, including endless photos, text, and bright lights. Taking a break from your phone can give your brain a rest. Taking a phone break an hour before bedtime can even help you sleep better, which can prevent future headaches.

Drink Tea

All types of tea can offer relief from headaches. If you’re craving caffeine, black teas offer a caffeine fix without increasing your heart rate or blood pressure like coffee will. Tea calms your nerves, relaxing the body, and contains numerous health benefits. However, some people can’t get over its unpleasant taste without adding tons of sugar, which might make your headaches worse.

Step Outside

Sometimes, all it takes is some fresh air to get over a headache. Sunlight introduces Vitamin D into your system and is a well-known mood lifter. Going for a walk outdoors can also even out your blood flow for a possible headache cure. Just be sure to wear sunscreen and dress appropriately for the weather.

Use Hemp Oil

This substance extracted from cannabis is known to treat a number of conditions, including frequent headaches. Buy hemp oil online for an easy treatment you can use at home or take on the go. American-grown, non-synthetic hemp with zero THC are signs of quality. Look for these features when you buy hemp oil online.

While most of the above headaches treatments may work for you, you can buy hemp oil for a reliable home treatment option. Follow the directions for proper use. If you do, you’ll find that the cannabinoids in hemp oil will relieve the inflammation and pain that cause frequent headaches. The sooner you buy hemp oil online and stock it in your medicine cabinet, the sooner you’ll experience its wonderful, whole-body benefits.