Instagram Feature Update: The company to add ‘Recommended’ Posts to Your Feed

Instagram might soon add a new feature which will show its users, the recommended posts. The company was found testing the same earlier this month, which seems to go live any time now. This feature is carefully explained in the company’s Help documentation. As per the details, it will suggest the posts for you which will be based on those that have been liked by the other accounts that you follow.

The new feature which is called as, “Recommended for You,” is visibly categorized. This is done so that we don’t confuse ourselves with our home feed. The new feature may suggest us with three to five suggested posts.

But, this is not the first time when Instagram has provided this recommended content feature. Earlier, the recommended content was not pushed to the user’s home feed. In the previous method, the users were expected to go to the Explore section to find out the recommended posts and videos. Also, upon choice, the users were able to see what posts their friends have liked in the following section.

This recommended content on the home feed is a big change for Instagram. This is one of the largest change ever since they changed from the chronological feed to the algorithmic one or the introduction of ads. It implies that the Instagram users who will scroll down their home feed will now not only see the posts from accounts that they follow alongside the ads. They will also view the things from their wider network also.

This change has come after another update that concentrated on the widening of the user’s access to the content other than what is posted to those accounts the user follows. Another recent update was when the company announced a method to permit the users to follow the hashtags. This also means that the users can now follow their interest areas and not only their Insta accounts.

The hashtags feature is an optional one. You can choose if you want to follow the hashtags and which hashtags to follow. But, this new feature of recommended posts, the users cannot disable.

As per the Help documentation, you can only choose to hide the “Recommended for You” section temporarily. You can do so by tapping the three-dot menu above the post, then tapping on “Hide.” Also, the “Recommended for You” section does not shift the content you want to read, and it does not direct you in favor of the Instagram’s suggestions. But, this section will only come after you have viewed all the posts in your feed.

Many users have not liked this feature and are against it. They have also expressed the same openly on their Instagram accounts too. Even its appearance has not been liked by many. They wish to continue the classic experience and the chronological feed.

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